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Dream on Vintage is an idea inspired by nature and an appreciation of our wondrous and unique planet.

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Just as creativity is a natural part of being human, spending time in nature is a beautiful way to spark our innate creativity.

Our fragile and vivid earth is rich with inspiration, especially the seasons – as colours turn from vibrant greens to warm yellows and progress to bloom in a new cycle of growth.

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Vintage clothing is our sustainable answer to mass- and overproduction. Through re-purposed fashion, we respect and coexist better with nature and natural resources around us.

Our wish is for all mindsets to shift from one of consumerism to a responsible use of clothing. Through Dream on Vintage, we want to remind you that most of today's trends are a translation from the past anyway, and already exist.

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At Dream on VIntage, we believe in coexisting with nature and in a circular economy. It is our mission and philosophy to contribute our energy towards the healing of the planet.

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