Conscious Friends

Dream On Vintage should be a platform for other projects / companies that offer sustainable and valuable products with a holistic approach, too. Here you will find selected links or discount codes for you to support them:


healing herbs


KRUUT is rediscovering the power of local wild herbs. They produce herbal extracts, 100% organic and natural, without any additives. Handmade in Berlin. This link is an affiliate link*.

Save 15% off your order with the code DREAMONVINTAGEXKRUUT.


vintage decoration

MOA & LOV Berlin

The sisters Marija and Katja are focused on finding joy in what’s already out there: beautiful handcrafted pieces made from natural materials, with hidden stories and visible personalities. A beautiful Vintage selection of glasses, vases and decoration!


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Yoga Pillows 

Kaschuba Hommage

All pieces are crafted by hand and with love from Irina Kaschuba. She only uses natural and vintage materials. All colours are in-house plant dyed by using her own herbal recipes. Shop

Circular Baby Wear

Red Orka

Red Orka is a circular baby wear brand that offers baby rompers exclusively through a unique, sustainable subscription model. Shop

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*through which you support my business too - it's a WIN WIN for everyone Thank you!