Lisa Carbone

"the greatest events – they are not our
loudest but our stillest hours."


In my yoga offerings, I offer space for you to rest and unwind. it's an invitation to calm your nervous system and let go of what isn't needed in the moment. The classes are a mix of gentle movement and stretching, combined with breathing practice and kundalini meditations.

We practice in quietness to listen within and go on a dialogue with our bodies.

Join my weekly classes or contact me for a 1:1 yoga and energy session.


Weekly Classes

1:1 Sessions


Yoga Get Aways

Yoga & Sound


We hold space for our body, mind and soul, to rest and recover.

Through gentle movements we stretch and relax while the sound of the crystal bowles indulges our senses.

Experience the frequencies, the vibrations and the movement that you have done for yourself in a sacred space.