Why Vintage?

In a world where we are about to extend our natural resources and already have oversaturated our needs, we are demanded to challenge our conditioning by changing our behavior.


Over the last decades our minds have been successfully programmed to consume and to be in need to buy new fashion items each season. Our thinking was linear - faster, stronger, better.


The exploitation of our planet and the unethical way in which we used the hands of people that are working in factories to overproduce cheap clothes for us must come to an end.


It is our responsibility to break the pattern, to realize and acknowledge that we successfully got disconnected from the true seasons:


The ones of our nature and mother earth.

We believe in vintage clothing for many reasons:


Fashion has been living with the seasons for a long time. Trends have always been coming back - they are in fact resurfacing in cycles, re-introducing the old, to be the Zeitgeist of the now. 

Imagine how precious it is to hold or wear an item that has been worn before. Which made its experiences, received character and tells its unique story. 

Additionally it proves that it is in fact able to live longer than products in the now are meant to be. 


Decades ago a piece of clothing was precious and produced in a different, more quality orientated way. It was meant to be cherished, to be repaired when broken and to last a lifetime - not only a fashion season.


Quality over quantity is a key when acknowledging that we have to avoid to continuously contribute waste to the many mountains of discarded clothing.


We see vintage clothing as one of many opportunities of protest and to tackle the systematic problem of overproduction and exploitation caused by fast fashion:

Vintage items are ready for us, they already exist to be worn by us. No new resources nor energy will be needed to create them, in fact the only carbon footprint that will be caused is of washing, transportation and shipping. 

Our world is aching and we must learn to coexist, to value and worship the creations that are right before our eyes in order to act for a better and healthier tomorrow. 

We have the responsibility towards our planet, the people our society has been oppressing and our future generations. 

It is in our hand to make the choices to inherit a healthier planet and perhaps pieces of clothes that give us comfort on our way doing so.